KaVo uniQa
more individuality for more pleasure

The new KaVo uniQa stands for more enjoyment in everyday practice because it meets individual demands and requirements.

In terms of ergonomics and efficient workflows, personal preferences – and even personal taste – are paramount.

Individual practice and room concepts can be realised effortlessly with the KaVo uniQa.

Design - The KaVo uniQa maintains its edge

Clean and straightforward – the new KaVo uniQa is a design highlight: thanks to the casual, compact look of the new patient chair and the clear edges, it will easily win over any design lover. In particular, the innovative chair design, the comfortable, velvety matt seat cushion, the new armrests and the cover represent aesthetics at the highest level.

Workflow – a treatment unit with character

Four aspects largely determine the uniQa’s unmistakable character: the new patient chair, the intelligent hygiene functions, the smart touch operation and the outstanding design with its clear, compact design language. In combination with our tried and tested elements, a KaVo-typical workflow and numerous visual and technical customisation options, it is truly a unique piece in every dental practice.

Ergonomics - for unique treatment concepts

Thanks to the compact design of the patient chair and the footplate, the treatment chair offers plenty of legroom, and the foot control can be freely positioned. At the same time, the narrow backrest offers a perfect fit and thus optimal access to the patients, keeping the patient feeling relaxed and safe. The new armrest design also puts top priority on comfort: the backrests, which can be swiveled down, remove all barriers, making it easier to get in and out of the chair.

Quality - Intelligent details that make everyday practice simply fun

At KaVo, real progress is evident down to the smallest detail and follows a clear philosophy: as with all KaVo products, the new uniQa is not just about short-term WOW! factor, but also about the development of a first-class premium device with an optimal price-performance ratio and compelling reliability over many years of practical use. That is why KaVo maintains and optimises its tried and tested products, and why innovations undergo intensive testing before being implemented in a smart way. This creates products that make everyday practice more comfortable and ergonomic, and at the same time, more efficient.


because it’s all about you

Number of configuration variants of KaVo uniQa
0 x 1016
kg max
Color combinations
Lowest position (mm)
Highest position (mm)

KaVo uniQa –

Made to be unique

The first unit in the premium compact class

This treatment unit sets a new standard in the mid-range price segment, the generation of the premium compact class. Better design, more comfort and more pleasure come together to create a unique product experience for dentists and patients.

Experience the

KaVo uniQa in 360°

Keep the mouse button pressed and move it horizontally or vertically.

4 table versions

 in one unit

The Highlights

at a glance

Modern, inspiring, compact chair design for maximum ergonomics

Maximum position of 830 mm and minimum position of 350 mm

Integrated Trendelenburg movement for your patients

Clear lines via the curved segment with armrests on the side for easy entry and exit

Patient weight up to 185 kg

Intuitive operating concept with quick and direct access to all important functions for time-saving and seamless treatment processes

4 table versions: from the compact TM, S table and cart variants, which are also suitable for left-handed users, to the even more elegant and ergonomic T-table for right-handed users

KaVo DIAGNOcam Vision Full HD: 3-in-1 intraoral camera for perfected caries diagnosis in full HD

CONEXIO: Data interface for access to patient data directly on the treatment unit

Playfully easy and network-independent patient communication with the self-sufficient version KaVo CONNECTbase

Convenient hygiene procedures: integrated rinsing programmes, DEKAmat and OXYmat as well as the hygiene unit with an integrated, removable adaptor for instrument and suction hoses for time-saving, automated cleaning and disinfection

Endodontic functions with three different modes for file control and an expandable file database with almost 200 pre-set files

High resolution screens: KaVo Screen HD in 22 inches and KaVo Screen One in 19 inches

Surgical function: small and comfortably light surgical motor and integrated saline pump

Maximum treatment comfort with KaVoLUX 540 LED thanks to natural light and a uniform light field

Be connected: this makes patient communication an experience

Let the images speak for themselves – for greater understanding and patient proximity. The communication features of the KaVo uniQa offer new possibilities.

The self-sufficient plug-and-play patient communication, known as CONNECTbase, takes your patient communication to a new level, because explaining the dental situation has never been so easy: just plug in the camera and get started.

Just follow your intuition

Find your way around easily and quickly with the self-explanatory user interface on the dentist element with high-quality glass touchscreen.

And you can look forward to a smooth, quick and relaxed workflow.

Hygiene made easy

Cleaning your KaVo uniQa is very easy: simply remove important components for disinfection.

All surfaces are easy to clean and the rinsing of the instruments as well as the cleaning and disinfection of the suction hoses is automated. This keeps you safe on all levels.

When dental excellence becomes personal

The KaVo uniQa leaves enough space for the individual expression of its owner and underlines the dentist’s incomparable uniqueness.

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KaVo uniQa

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