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Design Edition Style


Design Edition Style - Graphite

The matt surface of the body, combined with the glossy cover, conveys simple elegance.

The timeless design of the Style Edition is perfectly complemented by the quality of the RELAXline soft upholstery.


The minimised, straight lines, expansive
surfaces in subdued colours and strong
materials such as leather, steel and wood
give this style its sovereignty and power.

Simple, classic and cool, the Style Edition
with its graphite upholstery integrates
effortlessly into the ensemble.


Contrasts in perfect harmony: The timeless appeal of gentlycontrasting light and dark colours not only finds perfect interplay
in the treatment unit.

It also provides an endless basis for a clean, yet cosy practice furnishing concept.

Design Edition Style


Design Edition Style - Cashmere

The symbiosis of materials, colour nuances and technology is compelling.

This treatment unit, integrated into an exciting interior concept, symbolises a dental practice in which quality, service and innovation have the highest priority.


Light nuances, natural materials and a hint of patina – this also contributes to a stylish, relaxed atmosphere amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday practice.


Inviting, friendly and cosy – this is what a
modern practice can look like.

A colour scheme in muted hues such as beige, greige and cashmere combines well with this. These tones create a harmonious, warm, elegant and comfortable look. A perfect match: natural materials like oak, linen and fine wool.

Design Edition Style


Design Edition Style - Agave

In the triad of design, technology and interiors, the Style Edition exhibits perfection down to the smallest detail.

Good design is a statement.


Be brave and let the floor take centre stage.

The foundation is already in place, in the truest sense of the word. Pastel tones come together with round shapes.

Too playful? No! Materials such as stone
and metal provide the necessary clarity.


This look is elegant, fresh and très chic. Dark nuances create calm, while agave brings a cool freshness into play.

The picture is rounded off by dark furniture with Viennese wickerwork and
gold-yellow details and accessories.

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