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KaVo Street Art

Edition 2023

Cool, unique and strictly limited.

The new KaVo Street Art Edition brings art to your practice.

KaVo’s new 2023 Street Art Edition brings urban art to the dental practice, and the effect is nothing short of sensational.

Limited to just 80 treatment units, every piece is one of a kind and makes a uniquely striking statement.

unique KaVo units
m2 of wall

Impressive, limited and exclusive.

Over four days, street artist Stone Graffiti created an incredible complete artwork for the exclusive, limited KaVo Street Art Edition 2023. In a 10-metre-high warehouse, he applied graffiti to 160 KaVo unit body covers, weighing a total of 1.2 tonnes and covering some 54 square metres of surface space.

The 40 KaVo uniQa and 40 KaVo ESTETICA E70/80 Vision unit body covers were precisely arranged across the surface of the artwork and sprayed with a remarkable kaleidoscope of colours.

A huge sprayed crane.

The striking main motif of the graffiti masterpiece, a huge crane, is a symbol of luck, wisdom and success in the Far East and beyond.

The 80 unit body painted sets are now available as limited-edition standalone KaVo pieces and come with a certificate of authenticity and an art print of the overall artwork, signed and custom-finished by the artist himself.

About the Artist.

Mural and graffiti artist Stone Graffiti began creating graffiti art in 2008, inspired by the New York street art scene.

Since then he has been commissioned to emblazon exterior façades, give interiors a cool look and apply his arresting imagery to canvases and objects of all kinds, transforming them into exclusive works of art.

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Visit the gallery to check out the available unit body designs. 


Find and reserve your very own unique KaVo street art piece.


Place your order within two weeks, entering the reservation details.

You’ll receive your KaVo uniQa or KaVo ESTETICA E70/80 Vision at your specialist dealer.


You’ll receive your unique KaVo treatment unit in a exclusive design, fully assembled and complete with a certificate of authenticity and a hand-signed art print (79 x 54 cm).

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When dental excellence becomes personal

The KaVo uniQa leaves enough space for the individual expression of its owner and underlines the dentist’s incomparable uniqueness.

The first unit in the premium compact class

This treatment unit sets a new standard in the mid-range price segment, the generation of the premium compact class. Better design, more comfort and more pleasure come together to create a unique product experience for dentists and patients.