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Our KaVo product updates.

EXPERTmatic E25 L/C Speed increasing contra-angle

CoolHead technology – for even more patient safety

The new KaVo CoolHead technology actively prevents excessive heating of the instrument head if the push button is pressed unintentionally during treatment while the burr is rotating, e.g. when touching the patient’s cheek. 

This way, practitioners can avoid painful contact. That is the level of patient safety and user comfort that KaVo customers are used to.

The CoolHead technology reduces the contact area between the push button and the rotating drive insert, resulting in less friction if the push button is pressed accidentally during operation. The potential heating of the instrument head is thus significantly reduced.

KaVo exclusive high-tech ball bearings – for an even longer service life

Ball bearings in dental high speed contra-angles must be able to withstand extreme speeds and loads. Ceramic ball bearings are not only lighter and more wear-resistant, but also bring advantages such as corrosion resistance, low friction and thermal shock resistance.

With the exclusive KaVo ball bearings, both the cage geometry and the cage material have been optimized, reducing wear in the ball bearing and further increasing the service life of the E25 L/C high speed contra-angles.

EXPERTtorque Turbines

More power – for even more efficient work

EXPERTtorque turbines impress with even more power:

  • E680 turbines – maximum power approx. 29 watts at 3.5 bar
  • E677 mini turbines – maximum power approx. 27 watts at 3.5 bar

Noise reduction – for a relaxed everyday practice

By implementing some technical optimizations, the running noise of the EXPERTtorque turbines could be significantly reduced. KaVo was able to reduce the running noise by 2 dB(A) – this corresponds to a noise reduction of 26% and ensures a pleasant working atmosphere in the dental practice.

The average value for all EXPERTtorque turbines is now approximately at 59 dB(A).

So much reliability deserves a 24-month warranty*.

* Valid for EXPERTmatic, EXPERTtorque and SONICflex 2003/2008 as of 01.12.2022 (the invoice date of the authorized dealer applies).

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