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1 Click, 1 Second

3-in-1 Diagnosis

3-in-1 Concept

The DIAGNOcam Vision Full HD generates in less than 1 second and with just 1 simple click 3 clinically-relevant images:

1x Intraoral
1x Transillumination
1x Fluorescence

excellent, brilliant, full HD resolution images.


Sharp, free from distortion and brilliant images in Full-HD and real time, e.g.

  • Portraits to add in Patient Management System
  • Smile images to capture the lip and smile line
  • Tooth images to get a first overview of the dental situation
  • Makro images to detect the smallest lesions


  • Light waves replace X-rays
  • Early diagnosis of occlusal, approximal, smooth surface,  secondary caries & cracks
  • Highly precise image quality, even without dental precleaning
  • The light source inserted in the tip illuminates the tooth outwards from root to tooth surface
  • The tooth becomes a light conductor, making the tooth structures visible
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  • The ultimate check at the end of your workflow
  • Fluorescent light stimulates the cariogenic bacteria found on the tooth’s hard substances and metabolic products
  • Emitting different colours, the tooth’s hard substance is displayed greenish and metabolic products of cariogenic bacteria are shown reddish
  • This allows the user to detect caries activity

Smart Features

3-in-1 Diagnosis

Full HD

Sharp. Sharper. DIAGNOcam Vision Full HD!

  • One of the world’s first intraoral cameras with Full HD technology
  • Delivers compelling, precise images for a reliable, visual support of the diagnosis.
  • 1920 pixels x 1080 pixels provide exact, brilliant depth of field of intraoral, transillumination and fluorescent images

Continuous autofocus

The KaVo autofocus feature guarantees precise, clinically-relevant images, every time – in Full-HD quality.

And without delays due to separate focusing.

1 tip for all 3 modes

With this KaVo intraoral camera, it’s all about increased efficiency and precision. 

The unique 3-in-1 image concept of the DIAGNOcam Vision Full HD not only delivers intraoral, transillumination and fluorescence images at the push of a button, it also enables all three images to be made with just one attachment

3 diagnostic images

in 1 second

DIAGNOcam Vision Full HD can

3-fache Diagnostik

auf 1 Klick


1 tip for the
whole workflow

1 Tip for all 3 modes. Thanks to its patented design, you can use the tip for the transillumination mode and for all capturing modes. No need to waste time changing the tip.

Clear operation

The integrated LED shows the status: white during operation, blue for standby,
red for malfunction.

Lightweight, perfectly balanced

A light, perfectly balanced camera for comfortable,
ergonomic handling and stress-free recordings.

Customizable control panels
of both sides of the camera

Two touch panels on the top and bottom for easy image capturing on the upper and lower jaw – customisable to your hand size and your personal preferences.

USB compatible

USB 2.0 & 3.0 compatible.


KaVo autofocus feature guarantees precise, clinically-relevant images, every time, whatever the distance and with no need to press a button. And without delays due to separate focusing.

Hygienic heaths to cover camera

for camera handpiece.

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